Panama Revokes Flag Registration Rights to Two Ships Linked to North Korea

(PMA) Panama Maritime Authority has entered into the  process of canceling the registration of two ships with ties to North Korea . Both ships are under the Panama flag and are under suspicion   of infringing the bands under north Korea maritime trade practices.

M/V.-  Orient Shenyu and M/V.- Koti, both flying the Panamanian-flag, have been linked to transporting of forbidden  cargo to or from North Korea.

M/V Orient Shenyu, also known named as M/V Glory Hope I, is included on the list of over ten ships the U.S. Coast  Guard  proposed for blacklisting under the provisions and directives of the UN´s National Security Council.

The bulk carriers have engaged in exporting  to and from North Korean to other countries, which is prohibited under the sanctions against North Korea aimed at pressuring the communist regime through  sources of funding that would most likely end up supporting Pjongyang’s missile program.

In the other hand,  Panama-flagged tanker M/V Koti was seized at Pyeongtaek-Dangjin port, at Incheon by the South Korean authorities, as the vessel is believed to have discharged oil products to the  North Korea Regime in spite of international sanctions.

The GRT  5,100-ton tanker is currently being scrutinized by the customs officials over suspected ship-to-ship trans-shipments.

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