Company Incorporation & Appointment of a Nominee Director

Forming a LLC in the United Kingdom and providing nominee director  are among the services provided by us as well as by leading company formation agents. Your new company can be established in no time, and at very reasonable cost. Under corporate legislation when setting-up of a limited company there must be at least one director as well as a shareholder and a company secretary could be appointed to help with the legal aspects of a company management, and in such case, the director and the secretary must be different persons.

The director of a company is considered as the person who is responsible and in charge of company operations and administration in charge of its operations, in certain occasions, when incorporating a new LLC ( Limited Liability  Private Company), professional formations agents can supply with high end highly reputable nominee directors that meet with all  KYC requirements as well as technical or knowledge in certain operations schemes that company wishes to develop.

There is no need to have any concern, however, that a possibility exist whereby a nominee director could take over the company and solely direct its management.  As part of our nominee director service when establishing a limited company, we provide the real owner with a general power of attorney allowing him or her the authority to run the firm themselves, and they have full legal and financial responsibility for the company.

Among the documents that we provide with our corporate kits, we supply with a  pre-signed and undated resignation letter from the nominee directors, providing the UBO with the necessary freedom to change the nominee director as he wishes, registering a company with Nominee Director.

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