Fishing Vessel Registration

The Maritime Registry of the Republic of Panama is the most important registry in the world, and it is not by chance, but the result of a coherent, qualitative and progressive maritime policy with which it has attained an outstanding reputation within the international maritime community.

The fact that the Panama Shipping Registry has been honored by the European Union (Brussels Sanitary Commission – Directive 91/493/CEE) with the assignation and acknowledgment of the sanitary nomenclature applicable to products from the sea from vessels of Panamanian registry, means more than an acknowledgment to the largest and most important Shipping Registry in the world, in our opinion it is an implied acceptance that in our registry things are really working!!

You have in your hands a practical manual offering in a simple way the formula to achieve that your products from the sea be accepted in a safe and uncomplicated manner in the European Union.

If you require additional information on this matter or on any other matter significant for your maritime activity, please contact us.

Following you will find the requirements and procedures established by the Maritime Registry of the Republic of Panama, not only for the Registry of fishing Vessels but for obtaining the Fishing License as well as the assignment of a Sanitary No. by the authorities of the European Union (Directive 91/493/CEE).


The registration of a fishing vessel is the same as for any other vessel of foreign service (cargo, transportation, refrigeration, etc.)

Obtainment of Lincense (International Waters)


Fishing Licenses shall be for a term of one year and must be renewed before its due date.

Sanitary Certificate (Sanitary No. European Directive No. 91/493/CEE)

The documents necessary for this procedure are the following:

The Certificate issued assigns a Sanitary number to the Vessel valid for a year.  Said sanitary number is registered in Brussels by the Ministry of Health of Panama.

The petition must be submitted at least 4 weeks before its due date.



Once the interested party has obtained the description of the merchandise to be declared for disembark or sale, said party can send us said description in order for us to obtain, without cost, the Certificate of Origin of the merchandise duly countersigned by the Ministry of Commerce and also the Sanitary Certificate on said merchandise, duly countersigned by the Ministry of Health.

There is no cost for the aforementioned certificates.






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