Panama Company Registration

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Authorized Capital / Share

Directors  / Officers (Secretary) and Shareholders

Annual Filing

Incorporation and Administration

Record Keeping

Registered Office, Corporate Seal and Legalization

Income Taxes

It is a basic constitutional principle in the Republic of Panama that no one has to pay any contribution or tax that is not legally established, and the collection of which is not carried out as prescribed by law (Artic1e 48 of the National Constitution).

In 1991, the Legislature passed Law N° 31, known as the Tax Reform Act. According to the National government, the provisions set forth in this law have the purpose of promoting tax justice by reducing tax rates, and modernizing the fiscal administration.

The Internal Revenue Service of the Ministry of the Treasury is the government office in charge of overseeing and collecting revenues, services, rights, taxes, tolls, fees, duties, and excise taxes for the National government.

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