Ship Registration in Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands are ship registration in marshall islandsan island country situated on the same named archipelago in Micronesia, in the central part of the Pacific Ocean. Economically, the Marshall Islands are entirely dependent on the United States. This country, with a tiny area of main-land and limited natural resources, cannot do without American subsidies, which, within the scope of the Compact of Free Association, represent 60 % of the budget (65 of 105 million USD). The main export products are fish, copra, and palm oil. Breadfruit, bananas, taro and pandan are also grown for domestic consumption.

Since an enormous area of the ocean, which the local fisherman cannot sufficiently make use of, belongs to the Marshall Islands, the local government has found the sale of fishing rights to foreign countries to be an essential source of income.  Lately, the number of sea vessels, registered under the Marshall Islands’ flag has also increased – in 2002, it was 342 ships with a displacement of over 1 000 BRT (with a total displacement of 14 471 690 BRT).

The International Ship Registry of the Marshall Islands is a Maritime Services Group with a trajectory focused towards excellence. A committed staff that is headquartered Reston Va., USA, ready highest quality ship registry services found anywhere in the world. Ship owners and management companies in the maritime industry require an established and efficient administration.

List of general requirements to register a commercial vessel in the Marshall Islands (Ship Registration in Marshall Islands).

  1. The owner of the vessel must be a Marshall Islands Corporation or a Foreign Maritime Entity (FME) registered with the Marshall Islands
  2. Application for Registration
  3. Application for Radio License
  4. Application for Safe Manning Certificate
  5. Bill of Sale or Proof of ownership (If vessel is a new build we will need a Builder’s Certificate)
  6. Power of Attorney or Corporate Resolutions authorizing the person signing the registration documents to do so on behalf of the owning company.
  7. Confirmation of Class dated no more then 10 days prior to the vessel’s registration in the Marshall Islands.
  8. Class Statement “Fit to proceed to sea” dated no more then 10 days prior to the vessel’s registration in the Marshall Islands.
  9. Vessels that are 15 years of age or older must also submit copies of the survey reports of the most recent:
    1. Classification Special Survey, Hull;
    2. Classification Special Survey, Machinery and Electrical Equipment;
    3. Classification Drydocking Survey or Underwater Examination in Lieu of Drydocking

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