Ship Registration in Panama

Panama is a small country in Central America, controlling the strategic canal. On the east, it is bordered by Colombia and on the west by Costa Rica. The population exceeds 3 million. The capital city is Ciudad de Panamá. The Panama Canal is known world-wide as the canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Thanks to its advantageous geographic position, the economy of Panama is one of the richest in Central America. The economy of Panama is based on services, which make up 78% of the GDP. In 2006, the gross domestic product of Panama increased by 8.1%. However, even though this is the highest in Central America, about 19% of the population lives in poverty.

Over 3000 boats are registered under the Panama flag, because the registration fees are low and the labor laws are very benevolent. One fifth of the population is employed in agriculture, which makes up only 6% of the GDP.

Advantages of  Ship Registration in Panama

Ship registration in Panama? Why choose Panama? These are the most questions that our clients make. Panama is an international maritime center. The Panama Flag runs today over 72%+ of all vessels currently trading in the world´s oceans. The Panama Canal plays unquestionably a very important role in worldwide maritime transportation. The Panama Registry offers many advantageous facilities to ship owners who wish to register their vessels under the Panamanian flag.  Following are some of the advantages offered by the Panamanian Registry.

Preliminary Registration of Title/Mortgage

The procedures for the registration of a Preliminary Registration of Mortgage and Title Deeds are straightforward so that the whole process can be expeditiously completed.  Panama has an extensive network of worldwide maritime consular offices, located in major ports.

Classifying Societies

All prestigious  classifying societies as well as IACS are authorized by the Panama ship registry (Segumar)  authorities to survey Panamanian vessels.

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